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70+ Inspirational Joyce Meyer Quotes On Relationships And Moving On

Here’s a selection of Joyce Meyer Quotes, covering topics such as power thoughts, battlefield of the mind, feelings, worrying, love and life.

We really hope you enjoy these quotes and that they give you something to think about.

Faith is having a positive attitude about what you can do and not worrying at all about what you can’t do.

When we are truly confident and secure, the opinions of others cannot control us.

Character isn’t developed when we get what we want. Character is developed when we don’t get what we want.

Just because you go to church doesn’t mean you’re a christian. I can go sit in the garage all day and it doesn’t make me a car.

Happiness is not a feeling, it is a choice. To be happy, one must choose to be happy, not respond to a circumstance that now controls your happiness.

God doesn’t tell you to do hard things so he can stand back and laugh and watch you struggle. He tells you to do things the things that he knows are gonna work out to your good in the end.

Some people have a difficult time facing truth and reality. They prefer to live in a make-believe world, pretending that certain things aren’t happening.

No matter what’s going on in our lives, the victory is in refusing to quit.

Whatever your situation, God wants to heal you, strengthen you, and lead you to a place where you can enjoy life again.

Depression begins with disappointment. When disappointment festers in our soul, it leads to discouragement.

Don’t be afraid of change, because it is leading you to a new beginning.

It`s important to have a relationship with God. He’s the only one that can get down inside of you and heal what needs to be healed inside.

Complain and remain. Praise and be raised.

Feeling sorry for ourselves is the most useless waste of energy on the planet. It does absolutely no good. We can’t let our circumstances or what others do or don’t do control us. We can decide to be happy regardless.

We are not filled with the Spirit of God to do easy things. He fills us with His Spirit so we can do impossible things.

Encourage everyone you meet with a smile or compliment. Make them feel better when you leave their presence and they will always be glad to see you coming.

Watch out for the joy-stealers: gossip, criticism, complaining, faultfinding, and a negative, judgmental attitude.

Embrace your life, count your blessings, and don’t complain about what you don’t have.

The purpose of faith isn’t always to keep us from having trouble. It is often to carry us through trouble. If we never had any trouble, we wouldn’t need any faith.

God has equipped you to handle difficult things. In fact, He has already planted the seeds of discipline and self-control inside you. You just have to water those seeds with His Word to make them grow!

Don’t let your feelings be a god to you.

Before you judge someone else, stop and think about all that God has forgiven you for.

God is the Source of real love, joy, peace, wisdom and everything else we all need to be the people He has created us to be.

Each time we cooperate with God, we take one more giant step forward. Because when God asks us to change, it means that He always has something better to give us – more freedom, greater joy, and greater blessings.

The great thing about an attitude is that it’s yours and you can change it.

Character is doing what you don’t want to do but know you should do.

If we live a self-directed, self-motivated, self-centered life, always needing to get our own way, then we’re going to be miserable. In fact, many times we believe it’s our problems that are making us unhappy when, in reality, it’s because we’re focused on ourselves!

We cannot control what others do to us, but through God we can control the way we respond to them.

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.

Instead of concentrating on your problems and getting discouraged, focus on God and meditate on His promises for you. You may have fallen down, but you don’t have to stay down. God is ready, willing and able to pick you up.

The power of God is available to you today to help you do whatever you need to do and with a smile on your face!

You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.

As you read or listen to God’s Word and spend time talking to Him in prayer, your spirit will eventually become stronger than your flesh.

We suffer much agony because we try to get from people what only God can give us, which is a sense of worth and value. Look to God for what you need, not to people.

Words are powerful; if you change your words, you can change your life.

It is not as important how we start (our past), but how we finish.

Don’t try to change people. It won’t work, and they will end up resenting you. Only God can change people!

You have the power to make the world a better place by being kind to someone today

Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

Don’t complain. The Israelites wasted forty years murmuring and complaining in the wilderness, when they could have just obeyed God and entered into their Promised Land.

Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once to get over the fear of doing it. Twice to learn how to do it. And a third time to figure out whether you like it or not.

Don’t let someone who has a bad attitude give it to you.

Don’t just learn from god’s word, but believe it will change your life.

Put your expectations on god, not on people.

Even if you think the grass is greener on the other side, you’re going to have to mow that side too.

Courage is fear that has said its prayers and decided to go forward anyway.

Your value should not be determined by how somebody else has treated you.

Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.

Our past may explain why we’re suffering but we must not use it as an excuse to stay in bondage.

When you are tempted to give up, your breakthrough is probably just around the corner.

Don’t be afraid to step out, have dreams, have visions, have hopes and always, always, always believe in miracles.

I may not be where I need to be but I thank god I am not where I used to be.

Stop being tomented by everyone else’s reaction to you.

Getting stress out of your life takes more than prayer alone. You must take action to make changes and stop doing whatever is causing the stress. You can learn to calm down in the way you handle things.

Strive for excellence, not perfection, because we don’t live in a perfect world.

Positive minds produce positive lives. Negative minds produce negative lives. Positive thoughts are always full of faith and hope. Negative thoughts are always full of fear and doubt.

One mistake does not have to rule a person’s entire life.

Forgiveness is a CHOICE, not a feeling.

80% of people’s problems are about how they feel about themselves.

We all face storms in life. Some are more difficult than others, but we all go through trials and tribulation. That’s why we have the gift of faith.

Worry and reasoning are two of Satan’s most successful tools. He’ll get us started with one negative thought and then sit back and watch us finish ourselves off.

Stop focusing on what’s wrong with everyone else and start focusing on how blessed you are.

I want to encourage you to place yourself totally into God’s hands and allow Him to be the Manager of your life.

Every time you look in the mirror remember that God created you and that everything He creates is beautiful and good!

I have learned that I really do have discipline, self-control, and patience. But they were given to me as a seed, and it’s up to me to choose to develop them.

Spending time with God is the key to our strength and success in all areas of life. Be sure that you never try to work God into your schedule, but always work your schedule around Him.

Have god make a message out of your mess.

It is not about reading the word. It is about obeying the word.

Wisdom always waits for the right time to act, while emotion always pushes for action right now!

An affirmation to say everyday:

the healing power of god is working in me right now. Eveyr day I get better and better in every way.

Hope is favorable and confident expectation; it’s an expectant attitude that something good is going to happen and things will work out, no matter what situation we’re facing.

Prayer doesn’t just change things – it changes us. If we are diligent in seeking God, slowly and surely we become better people.

In the midst of your battles, never forget that God loves you and He has a plan for you.

Remember God is not surprised by your inabilities, your imperfections, or your faults. He has always known everything about you that you are just now finding out, and he chose you on purpose for himself.

The eagle has no fear of adversity. We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror!

We need a backbone, not a wishbone.

Turn you situation over to God because He can do more in a moment than you can do in a lifetime.

You can suffer the pain of change or suffer remaining the way you are.

Our joy does not have to be based on our circumstances.

You can not live your life just based on what everyone else thinks.

A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.

Stop determining your worth and value by what other people say. Be determined by what the word of god (scriptures)says.

You will never see the end, if you give up in the middle

It’s so important to realize that every time you get upset, it drains your emotional energy. Losing your cool makes you tired. Getting angry a lot messes with your health.

Love can melt the hardest heart, heal the wounds of the broken heart and quiet the fears of the anxious heart.

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