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70+ Epic Quotes On Love, Anime, Life, Battle, War And Heroes

Here’s a selection of Epic Quotes, covering topics such as movies, the important things, inspiration and motivation.

We really hope you enjoy these quotes and that they give you something to think about.

I’m no longer religious, but the Bible fascinates me. Hardly anyone reads it anymore, but it’s got everything: it’s a book of poetry, it’s a book of principle, it’s a book of stories, and of myths and of epic tales, a book of histories and a book of fictions, of riddles, fables, parables and allegories.
Tara Westover

I threw down my enemy, and he fell from the high place and broke the mountain-side where he smote it in his ruin.
J.R.R. Tolkien

The calibre of TV’s changing. It’s becoming much more epic. To rival film, definitely.
Emilia Clarke

Oh, jatel, I am so used. Would you rid yourself of me?” the knight started to cry.

jatel slowly kissed the woman upon her forehead. To the gods! how he loved her so.

not for the world entire, sire.

Donald Allen Kirch

I am five, I will never understand
why we are stranded in our selves
but in this moment I know
my own story
is understanding our singleness
that I am destined to move my body and time
into the body-time
the story
of others.
Sharon Doubiago

There are twin gates of sleep. One, they say, is called the gate of horn and it offers easy passage to all true shades. The other glistens with ivory, radiant, flawless, but through it the dead send false dreams up toward the sky. And here anchises, his vision told in full, escorts his son and sibyl both and shows them out now through the ivory gate.

The drama is complete poetry. The ode and the epic contain it only in germ; it contains both of them in a state of high development, and epitomizes both.
Victor Hugo

Over his shoulder, she saw skulduggery walk in. “oh, hell,” she muttered.
wreath’s smile reappeared. “it’s skulduggery, isn’t it?”
over his shoulder, she saw skulduggery walk in. “oh , hell,” she muttered.
wreath’s smile reappeared. “it’s skulduggery, isn’t it?”
“please don’t annoy him.”
“me? when have I ever annoyed the great skulduggery pleasant?”
skulduggery arrived at their table. Wreath smile up at him. “hello.”
“i will shoot you in the eye,” skulduggery said.
wreath glanced at valkyrie. “i think i’ve annoyed him.
Derek Landy

You will not lift the veil of my body until you lift the veil over my face.
Jason Evert

I am not made for despair.
lian hearn

I was just kidding, shuck-face,” minho said. “let’s all go over there. She could have an army of psycho girl ninjas hiding in that shack of hers.”

“psycho girl ninjas?” newt repeated, his voice showing he was surprised, if not annoyed, by minho’s additude.

James Dashner

Hektor, argue me no agreements. I cannot forgive you.
as there are no trustworthy oaths between men and lions,
nor wolves and lambs have spirit that can be brought to agreement
but forever these hold feelings of hate for each other,
so there can be no love between you and me, nor shall there be
oaths between us, but one or the other must fall before then
to glut with his blood ares the god who fights under the shield’s guard.

I’m a little bit naked, but that’s okay.
Lady Gaga

From the beginnings of literature, poets and writers have based their narratives on crossing borders, on wandering, on exile, on encounters beyond the familiar. The stranger is an archetype in epic poetry, in novels. The tension between alienation and assimilation has always been a basic theme.
Jhumpa Lahiri

Till suddenly his hand met what felt like a tiny ring of cold metal lying on the floor of the tunnel. It was a turning-point in his career, but he did not know it. He put the ring in his pocket almost without thinking; certainly, it did not seem of any use at the moment.
J.R.R. Tolkien

It is possible to take the story of Noah figuratively, although virtually every Near East ancient civilization has its own version of the flood story (including the amoral epic of Gilgamesh).
Ben Shapiro

Uphill? there’s nothing up the hill,” colly said, trying desperately to work out where this conversation was going.
“as a matter of fact, there is. There’s a bluff about twelve meters high, with a river running below it. The water’s deep, so it’ll be quite safe for you to jump.” in his brief glimpse of the river, halt had noticed that the fast-flowing water cut under the bluff in a sharp curve. That should mean that the bottom had been scoured out over the years. A thought struck him. “you can swim, I assume?”
“yes. I can swim,” colly said. “but i’m going jumping off some bluff just because you say to!”
“no, no. Of course not. That’d be asking far too much of you. You’ll jump off because if you don’t, i’ll shoot you. It’ll be the same effect, really. If I have to shoot you, you’ll fall off. But I thought i’d give you a chance to survive.” halt paused, then added, “oh, and if you decide to run downhill, i’ll also shoot you with an arrow. Uphill and off is really your only chance of survival.”
“you can’t be serious!” colly said. “do you really-“
but he got no further. Halt leaned forward, putting a hand up to stop the outburst.
“colly, take a good, long look into my eyes and tell me if you see anything, anything at all, that says i’m not deadly serious.”
his eyes were deep brown, almost black. They were steady and unwavering and there was no sign of anything there but utter determination. Colly looked at them and after a few second, his eyes dropped away. Halt nodded as the other man’s gaze slid away from his.
“good. Now we’ve got that settled, you should try to get some sleep. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.
John Flanagan

In every journey comes a moment… One like no other. And in that moment, you must decide between who you are… And who you want to be.
JC Marino

They didn’t know what to do with rap music. You walk into Epic, and they’re wearing straight-leg khakis with creases, Prada shoes with tassels. They couldn’t comprehend where I was coming from.

And that almost killed you?”
“it wasn’t deep but it got infected. Infection means that the bad germs got into it. Infection’s the most dangerous thing there is, tom. Infection was what made the superflu germ kill all the people. And infection is what made people want to make the germ in the first place. An infection of the mind.
Stephen King

Before we do, I suggest you take a break. If you need to go to the bathroom, this is a good time. If you’re sleepy, go to bed and save the next chapter for tomorrow. For the magician’s story, you must have all your wits about you. No wandering minds allowed.
Pseudonymous Bosch

What I wish is that people would look beyond the tribbles and see I’ve written some other books that I really would like people to notice. There’s ‘The Man Who Folded Himself,’ there’s ‘The Martian Child,’ which is about my son and the adoption. There’s ‘The War Against The Chtorr,’ which is my magnum opus, my great epic story.
David Gerrold

Certainly, I’m excited by epic subjects. It doesn’t particularly frighten me.
Kenneth Branagh

She was like john rambo meets polly pocket; dakota fanning crossed with death wish 4.
Mark Millar

How are we going to get out of here?”
“oh, escape is easy once you have the right plan.”
“do we have the right plan?”
“not yet.”
“do we have any plan?”
“not yet.
Derek Landy

Small men command the letter of the law. Great men serve its spirit. For the spirit of the law is justice… And justice is the spirit of god.
JC Marino

Her caramel skin and curly beach sand hair spreads in wavy chops like the choppy storm waves on the ocean. Her fluffy rose colored lips glisten with eyes emerald green and almond shaped set deep into her face and yet when she looks at you with those same deep set eyes, it feels like they jump out, speaking to you.
Ami Blackwelder

Epic production has less to do with your willpower and more to do with the routines you install. Get those right, and you’ll enjoy exponential results automatically.
Robin S. Sharma

நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன், கண்ணம்மா
நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன்
பொன்னை, உயர்வை, புகழை விரும்பிடும்
என்னை கவலைகள் தின்ன தகாதென..

நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன், கண்ணம்மா
நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன்
மிடிமையும் அச்சமும் மேவி என் நெஞ்சில்
குடிமை புகுந்தன, கொன்று அவை போக்கின

தன்செய லெண்ணித் தவிப்பது தீர்ந்திங்கு
நின்செயல் செய்து நிறைவு பெறும்வண்ணம்
நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன், கண்ணம்மா
நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன்

நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன், கண்ணம்மா
நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன்
துன்பம் இனி இல்லை, சோர்வில்லை
சோர்வில்லை, தோற்பில்லை
நல்லது தீயது நாமறியோம்
நாமறியோம் நாமறியோம்
அன்பு நெறியில் அறங்கள் வளர்த்திட
நல்லது நாட்டுக! தீமையை ஓட்டுக

நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன், கண்ணம்மா
நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன்.

Subramaniya Bharathiyar

The methods and tools of science perennially breach barriers, granting me confidence that our epic march of insight into the operations of nature will continue without end.
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Epic science fiction game, that’s always been on my mind. Post-apocalyptic, ‘Fallout,’ was our first choice. Sci-fi was our second at the time, when we got the ‘Fallout’ license. We were going to do our own post-apocalyptic universe if we didn’t get ‘Fallout.’
Todd Howard

Hurricanes couldn’t remove you from my mind. You’re my world and i’m incapable of not loving you.
Billie-Jo Williams

Whether you’re a history buff or a fantasy fan, Druon’s epic will keep you turning pages. This was the original game of thrones. If you like ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, you will love ‘The Accursed Kings’.
George R. R. Martin

And on the pedestal these words appear:

‘my name is ozymandias, king of kings:

look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’

nothing beside remains.
round the decay

of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare

the lone and level sands stretch far away.
Percy Bysshe Shelley

NYFW is not just about the designers and the runway. It is a massive production from the celebrities in attendance, the assistants backstage prepping the models before they walk to the epic after-parties!
Jeffree Star

We live in a culture that does not encourage women to be epic heroes of their own Big Stories but the mothers and lovers and wives and mistresses and muses and personal assistants, the femme fatales and fantasies and manic pixie dream girls, in someone else’s Big Story, and this someone else is usually a dude.
Justine Musk

Those around you can have their novellas, sweet, their short stories of cliché and coincidence, occasionally spiced up with tricks of the quirky, the achingly mundane, the grotesque. A few will even cook up greek tragedy, those born into misery, destined to die in misery. But you, my bride of quietness, you will craft nothing less than epic with your life. Out of all of them, your story will be the one to last.
Marisha Pessl

‘War and Peace’ may be the most epic thing ever created by a human being.
Mark Manson

It’s about the characters, it’s about the film, it’s about the process of making stunning visuals and a huge, epic movie. It doesn’t matter if my head was covered in a black plastic bag and I was bouncing around in a space hopper: That’s the villain of Chris Nolan’s ‘Batman!’
Tom Hardy

Feminine passion is to masculine as an epic is to an epigram.
Karl Kraus

A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid.
George R.R. Martin

I want to have an epic life. I want to tell my life with big adjectives. I want to forget all the grays in between, and remember the highlights and the dark moments.
Isabel Allende

Put a smile on that face, valkyrie. You’re unique. Easily as unique as I am.”
“two freaks in a pod, eh?”
his head tilted, amused. “wouldn’t have it any other way.
Derek Landy

I can help you, jorge. I can give you back your self. I can give you your will.’ he held out his hand, palm open. ‘free will has to be taken,’ I said.
Mark Lawrence

I’m not sitting around, waiting for something to run across the Internet so I can go, ‘Oh, that’s what I’mma write about.’ I just go around, live life, make music, and it’s epic.

Sci-fi films are the epic films of the day because we can no longer put 10,000 extras in the scene – but we can draw thousands of aliens with computers.
William Shatner

At its best, Aboriginal art has been effective in translating an entire culture and the understanding of an entire continent. Indeed, the more we interpret Australia through Aboriginal eyes, through the experience of their long and epic story, the more we allow ourselves to understand the land we share.
Paul Keating

Yea, and if some god shall wreck me in the wine-dark deep,
even so I will endure…
for already have I suffered full much,
and much have I toiled in perils of waves and war.
let this be added to the tale of those.

My A&R at Epic got fired the first week I got signed.
Travis Scott

I wanted to write a big novel, something epic in scale.
George R. R. Martin

The death cannot die.

It would ha’ been a good deal easier, if ye’d only been a witch.
Diana Gabaldon

We live in an age where people will watch epic entertainment on their phones.
Will Arnett

It’s in our nature to want to watch our human frailties played out on a huge, epic canvas. Ancient societies had anthropomorphic gods: a huge pantheon expanding into centuries of dynastic drama: fathers and sons, star-crossed lovers, warring brothers, martyred heroes. Tales that taught us the danger of hubris and the primacy of humility. It’s the everyday stuff of everyman’s life, but it’s writ large, and we love it.
Tom Hiddleston

‘The Black Parade’ is an epic, theatrical, orchestral, big record that is also a concept album.
Gerard Way

The ode lives upon the ideal, the epic upon the grandiose, the drama upon the real.
Victor Hugo

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