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70+ Funny And Inspirational Nicki Minaj Quotes & Lyrics

Here’s a selection of Nicki Minaj Quotes, covering topics such as songs,haters, friends and boys.

We really hope you enjoy these quotes and that they give you something to think about.

Anyway, I think I met him sometime before, in a different life or where I record. I mean he was adam, I think I was eve, but my vision ends with the apple on the tree.

Double d up hoes, dolly parton.

I want to show little girls that the possibilities are endless. That’s my goal – to not only do it for myself, but to show them I can do whatever I put my mind to.

I’m very protective of my heart

Fame is the worst pain known to man.
it’s stronger than heroin.

Good advice I always hated, but lookin back it made me greater.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I am like, ‘This is a high-top day’ or ‘This is a bob day,’ but when I get my clothes on that’s when I see.

I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn’t mean you’re alive.

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive
I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise
To fly.

I went through a lot of bullying early on. Girls made my life a living hell. We had come to America from a different country. My brother and I had accents. It was very tough.

Life is a movie, but there will never be a sequel.

Life is a prize, but to live doesn’t mean you’re alive

Only one chance one bullet in the gun. This is my life and I only got one, yeah. The safety’s off and I put on her. Oh stick ‘em up, stick ‘em up. Ready to shoot.

If I’m traveling, I’ll pack socks in my bag – really cute furry ones.

People will love you and support you when it’s beneficial.

Once upon a time there lived a real bad b*tch. The f*ckin’ end.

I want people – especially young girls – to know that in life, nothing is going to be based on sex appeal. You’ve got to have something else to go with that.

When you’re a girl, you have to be everything, You have to be dope at what you do, but you have to be super sweet, and you have to be sexy, and you have to be this and you have to be that and you have to be nice, and you have to – it’s like, I can’t be all of those things at once. I’m a human being.

You have to know that as long as you love who you are – your morals, your values, that type of stuff – you’re OK.

You can hate me, but why knock my hustle? I’ma be the queen no matter how they shuffle.

Your victory is right around the corner. Never give up.

I don’t promote giving up. I promote fighting and winning.

When I am assertive, i’m a b*tch. When a man is assertive, he’s a boss. He bossed up. No negative connotation behind ‘bossed up.’ but lots of negative connotation behind being a b*tch. […] when you’re a girl, you have to be everything. You have to be dope at what you do but you have to be super sweet and you have to be sexy and you have to be this, you have to be that, and you have to be nice. It’s like, I can’t be all those things at once. I’m a human being.

When I was younger I didn’t have much financially, like we couldn’t afford a lot of stuff and I remember seeing little girls’ rooms on TV and they’d all be pink. I didn’t have my own room, I shared with my brother, so I would have this daydream and imagine that one day I could have my own room and it would all be pink, like Cinderella’s.

You’re not gonna tell me who I am. I’m gonna tell you who I am.

I’ve always been intrigued by color and by interesting hair. I was one of those weird little girls doing my own hair at the age of 9. I was, like, getting weird gels and new brushes and cornrow holders. I would tweak and perm at the age of 13.

Refuse to lose, Refuse to be defeated, Refuse to have regrets.

My wigs are ever changing in height, width, color, size. They make me feel happy. Wearing them makes me feel like I can be a different person every day and that is kind of exciting.

No i’m not lucky, i’m blessed.

I put God first and do not allow other things to cloud my vision.

But had I accepted the pickle juice, I would be drinking pickle juice right now.

I don’t mind being called a weirdo.

Female rappers get it the hardest. You have to be a girl, yet you have to be just as hard as the guys. I think some female rappers get scared out of the business before they can make it.

True confidence leaves no room for jealousy. When you know your are great, you have no need to hate.

I truly believe my haters are my motivators.

Everyone knows I’m a lash girl by now. When I don’t have my lashes, I feel naked.

I came to win, to conquer, to thrive

You a stupid hoe.

p*ssy put his *ss to sleep, now he calling me NyQuil

My advice to women in general: Even if you’re doing a nine-to-five job, treat yourself like a boss. Not arrogant, but be sure of what you want – and don’t allow people to run anything for you without your knowledge.

I get what I desire, it’s my empire.

I don’t know if the secret of life is to find love, but I do think one of the secrets of life is to embody love.

You wanna know what scares people? Success. When you don’t make moves and when you don’t climb up the ladder, everybody loves you because you’re not competition.

You can be the king, but watch the queen conquer.

When I get up in the morning and put on a pink or a green wig, I see myself as a piece of animation. It lets me be the person I want to be, a person who’s not embarrassed to have fun.

When people see my makeup, they think all types of crazy things that I’m doing to my skin, but it’s makeup. It’s the weirdest thing. They’ll see contouring and think you had surgery on your nose. No. No. No. Look at ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and you’ll see… you can make your nose look… what ever shape you want it.

I think a child may be the only thing that could give me true happiness.

Sometimes you don’t realize how far you’ve gotten until you look around at the people who are still trailing far behind you.

I don’t have to do things just to please people. It’s okay to do what I love because what I love, my fans love. And they’re really the only ones that should matter.

Dear god, I am only what you made me and I appreciate everything that you gave me, but like, I don’t want to do it any more, sort of lost sight of what i’m doing it for.

Now it’s me & my time, it’s just me in my prime

My happiness doesn’t come from money or fame. My happiness comes from seeing life without struggle.

Bad as I wanna be. She aint bad, she a sad little wannabe.

I don’t mind being called a weirdo. There are a lot of people in hip-hop who are probably never going to get what I do. But, by just being myself, I end up touching a lot more people who might never have paid much attention to a female rapper.

Defend my honor protect my pride the good advice I always hated but looking back it made me greater .. U make me laugh u make me hoarse from yelling at you and getting at u …

I don’t agree that everyone should agree with everyone’s lifestyle. I think that some people aren’t going to agree, but I think that when you’re mean and when you ridicule people it’s a sign of your own insecurities.

These b***hes couldn’t test me even if their name was pop quiz.

You could never understand why I grind like I do
makiyah & jalani why I grind like I do.

Anyway I think I met him in the swai. I was a geisha, he was a samurai.

People face difficulties, no matter who you are. I faced difficulties with a lot of things. I face opposition every day, but I didn’t kill myself and now, thank God, I’m here.

Bitches ain’t sh*t, and they ain’t sayin’ nuthin’. A hundred muthaf*ckas can’t tell me nuthin’.

Don’t stay watching happiness, make it.

Strange how someone you once loved can become just another person you once knew.

Haters, i’m not your enemy i’m your hero. Cheer up, you should be happy i’m here.

Why did you envy? why you go against me? when I got trendy, why you aint commend me? why when I needed it, why you couldn’t lend me? why you was secretive frontin like you friendly?.

Let them eat my a** like a cupcake.

Cause I am not a word, I am not a line. I am not a girl that can ever be defined

Boy you got my heartbeat running away, beating like a drum and it’s coming your way..can’t you hear that boom, badoom,boom,boom, badoom, boom, bass, he got that super bass..

-(right eyebrow raised)-

Starships were meant to fly.

Sometimes I want to just pull the off switch, but you can’t because if you go outside, you have to give people your all. You can’t say, ‘Oh, you know what? I’m not feeling good today.’ No. No one’s trying to hear that. When a woman comes up to you and says, ‘Hey, my daughter’s your biggest fan. Can we have a picture?’ – you can’t say no.

You gave me strengh gave me hope for a lifetime.

Take me or leave me, I’ll never be perfect. Believe me I’m worth it

Still I rise Still I fight Still I might crack a smile Keep my eyes on the prize See my haters tell em hi

It’s not hard to get your way when it’s your way or the highway. People either follow suit or they’re not around. I don’t really like the sound of that, ’cause that sounds like a temper tantrum. I’m just very black and white when it comes to my business. There’s really no gray area.

Call it a curse, or just call me blessed, if you can’t handle my worst, you ain’t getting my best

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