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Man, I’m Pretty! The Best, Funny And Famous Johnny Bravo Quotes

Here’s a selection of Johnny Bravo Quotes, covering topics such as gender, Greg Brady, dating and love.

We really hope you enjoy these quotes and that they give you something to think about.

Don’t touch the hair!
Johnny Bravo

Crazy women-antelope drivers!
Car driver

Johnny Bravo: I am investigating the disappearance of all the cats in the city… my living room is full of cats… that means…[pause]
Johnny Bravo: I’m hungry!

Johnny Bravo: I need to get these letters to the North Pole by tonight.
Roy: Yeah. Right.

Foreman: [There is a big boulder in the road] There’s only way to move this rock.
Worker: I’ll get the dynamite.
Johnny Bravo: [Johnny falls from the sky and hits the boulder headfirst, breaking it completely] Aaaah!
Worker: Kid, you got yourself a job.
Johnny Bravo: [Emerges from Hole, Dazed] Hot Dang!

I think we are ready little Freddie!
Johnny Bravo

[Both Johnny and Velma’s glasses have been knocked off]
Velma: My glasses! I can’t see without my glasses!
Johnny Bravo: My glasses! I can’t be seen without my glasses!

Momma: Johnny, are you warping time and space again?
Johnny Bravo: Uh… no.

Bunny Bravo: Johnny, have you been taking good care of your teeth.
Johnny Bravo: Yes, Momma. I’ve been brushing every day with baking soda.[holds up cane sugar in a jar of molasses]
Bunny Bravo: Johnny, this is cane sugar and molasses.
Johnny Bravo: To-may-to, To-mah-to.

Judge Trudy: Mr. Bravo, you’re accused of littering. Do you have a lawyer?
Johnny Bravo: No, your honor. I’ll be defending myself. [makes karate moves] Hoohahuh!
Judge Trudy: Are you familiar with the saying that any man who defends himself has a fool for a client?
Johnny Bravo: Then, I’m hired!
Judge Trudy: All right, Mr. Bravo, how do you plead?
Johnny Bravo: Like this – [in begging voice] Please, oh, plea-ease!
Judge Trudy: [slams hammer] I could hold you in contempt.
Johnny Bravo: I don’t care how you hold me, just hold me.
Judge Trudy: Mr. Bravo! Do you have anything to say in your defense?
Johnny Bravo: I sweat a lot, but my breath is minty fresh.
Judge Trudy: Mr. Bravo. Normally I dismiss cases like yours, but in this instance, I’m going to sentence you to 86 consecutive life sentences.
Johnny Bravo: All right… wait, is that bad?
Judge Trudy: Take this knuckle-walking Neandertal out of here!
Johnny Bravo: [being dragged away] Uhm, can I have that lawyer now?

Hey, Santa, it’s me, Johnny. Remember I’m the one that beat you up last year ’cause I thought you were a burgler?
Johnny Bravo

I hope this doesn’t go on my permanent record.

Momma: Here’s your money, Susie. Thanks to you, everything is back to normal.
Mongo: Or is it?

Johnny Bravo: [looking in a mirror] Who’s this handsome guy?[grabs a phone]
Johnny Bravo: Hello, 911 Emergency? There’s a handsome guy in my bathroom! Hey, wait a second. Cancel that – it’s only me!

Sweet. Bring on the Danish chicks and cream soda.
Johnny Bravo

[Answers phone] Troubled Teen Hotline… Your boyfriend left you? Well… uh… what are you wearing?
Johnny Bravo

Now remember, I do my best work when I’m being worshipped as a god.
Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo: Hey, look everyone, I got a mango.
Bunny Bravo: That’s a telegram, sweety.
Johnny Bravo: Right, what did I say?
Bunny Bravo: Just read it, dear.
Johnny Bravo: [reads] “to unseal envelope peel back flap and…

Enough about me, now let’s talk about… me.
Johnny Bravo

I bet your name’s Mickey, ’cause you’re so fine. You’re so fine you…
Johnny Bravo

Hey, Foxy Mama. You smell kinda pretty, wanna smell me? Hoohah!
Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo: [Andy hands him a surfboard ahead of the compettition] What am I supposed to do with this?
Andy: You’re supposed to…”Jazz the Glass”.
Johnny Bravo: Uh-Uh, Man. That sounds *Nasty*!
Andy: No. What Kind of Square are you? “Smooth the Curl”…
Johnny Bravo: No way, Kid. I ain’t smoothin’ no curl, This hair’s my crowning glory.
Andy: No, Trip the Wave Fantastic.
Johnny Bravo: Come again?
Andy: Surf, Daddio, Surf!
Johnny Bravo: [realising] Ohhh…

You should know better than to try to mail something on the day of Christmas Eve. Especially a letter to Santa Claus.

Ehh, e-everyone stay calm… because we’re all doomed!

Guard: Name?
Johnny Bravo: Johnny Bravo.
Guard: Occupation?
Johnny Bravo: Johnny Bravo.

[eating ice cream with a toothache] Chomp, chomp, chomp, AAAUGH! The PAIN! The Horrible PAIN! Mmmm… Creamy! Chomp, Chomp, Chomp, AAAUGH! The PAIN! The stabbing knives of pain! Ooh! It’s got nuts in it!
Johnny Bravo

[Johnny accidentally met Luke Perry]
Oh, my God! You’re Fidel Castro!
Johnny Bravo

[to his secretary] Get out of my chair and make me some coffee with Eight sugars, then throw it out and make it again ’cause it’s Still Not Sweet Enough!
Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo: [Johnny is running left to right down the street stopping for every person] Did you see a gorilla around here?
Businessman: No.[Johnny moves on]
Johnny Bravo: Did you see a gorilla around here?
World peace-seeking man: [in hippie raspy voice] No.
Johnny Bravo: Did you see a gorilla around here?
Gorgeous woman: [in flirtatious tone] No.
Johnny Bravo: Did you see a…[Johnny pauses, looks back and runs backwards]
Old woman: Gorilla?
Johnny Bravo: Hey, there, hot mama, you wouldn’t happen to be hiding a gorilla under them clothes, would you?[gorgeous woman grabs Johnny by the arm and entangles him into a battered down victim with little effort]
Johnny Bravo: Yeah. She wants me.

Prison Warden: What we have here is a failure to communicate!
Johnny Bravo: What?
Prison Warden: What we have here is a failure to communicate!
Johnny Bravo: Huh? I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.

Carl Chryniszzswics: [in car, pointing on map] Let’s take this blue road.
Johnny Bravo: That’s a river.
Carl Chryniszzswics: It’ll be scenic.

Plumber: [after Johnny leaves assuming the time has frozen the water in the pipes, a plumber opens the pipe and pulls out a dog] Shoot, There’s your problem, Mrs. Bravo; A German Shepherd in the plumbing.
Bunny Bravo: Well, That’s a relief. [whispers] Last time it was a man.

Gorgeous woman: What kind of idiot are you?
Johnny Bravo: I don’t know, what kinds are there?

Mama mia. That’s a spicy meatball.
Johnny Bravo

You know, you’d think a person with that much hate in her heart wouldn’t gravitate towards the service industry.
Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo: What do you think, Rubber Ducky?
Rubber Ducky: Quack, quack.
Johnny Bravo: My thoughts exactly!

Suzy: Would you eat them with a fox?
Johnny Bravo: If the fox were Courtney Cox. But since that is not the case, get those cookies away from my face.

Kid: [shouts] Look, Mommy! That guy’s looking at pictures of almost naked men! [the whole store stares at Johnny]
Johnny Bravo: This is a men’s fitness magazine, I want to look *like* this, not at this… I’ve got nothin’ to be ashamed of! [walks up to cashier ashamed, and drops change on the counter]… TV Guide.

Madame Viola: Johnny, I sense that you are thinking that you are a man about town, a shoe-in with the ladies, whose sole purpose is to bother woman.
Johnny Bravo: Could you say that again, cause all I heard was “blah blah blah woman

Carl Chryniszzswics: Ooh, a recipe for German Chocolate cake! Let’
s see now: Chocolate… Cake… GERMANS!

villager: We are a village of terrible cowards. Even the meowing of the tiny kitten makes us cry like a little girl.
Johnny Bravo: Boo.
villager: Aaaaargh!
Johnny Bravo: Okay, your story checks out.

[to Suzy after she tells her class he is a superhero and one of her classmates suggests he stops the bank robber] Oh, you *will* pay for this.
Johnny Bravo

Great Scott. My pizza-sense is tingling.
Johnny Bravo

[Sitting on stairs, upset] Every time I try to fight the power the man slaps me down.
Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo: [pointing at Scooby Doo] You understand what the dog says?
Velma: Sure, we all do!

But these letters. If Santa doesn’t get these letters by tonight, I might not get all those free presents I asked for. And who ever heard of a Christmas without free stuff?
Johnny Bravo

Guard: [an old woman goes through the security gates and the alarm goes off] Hold it, granny! Empty your pockets!
Old Lady: No way! You’ll have to frisk me!
Guard: [in a shivery voice] Next!
Old Lady: Darn it!

[Johnny is trying to pick up Daphne and for a moment looks at Velma]
Velma: [with a flirtatious voice] Don’t worry, I won’t bite!
Johnny Bravo: [pointing at Daphne] Does she?

Johnny Bravo: [after overdosing on Ubermass which him fat] I need to find a way to lose weight fast.
Suzy: You and fifty eight percent of America!

Welcome to the island of beautiful men!
Man with swimming trunks

Additional Voices: Thanks for saving our neighborhood,Kung Foo Guy! But how did you know they were killer robots?
Various characters: Robots…?

Little Girl: [shouts] Look, Mommy! That guy’s looking at pictures of almost naked men! [the whole store stares at Johnny]
Johnny Bravo: This is a men’s fitness magazine, I want to look *like* this, not *at* this… I’ve got nothin’ to be ashamed of! [walks up to cashier ashamed, and drops change on the counter]… TV Guide.

Fetch me the Fez of Forgetfulness.

Dog… donkey… Well, they both start with the letter “N”…
Johnny Bravo

[Repeated line]
Woah, momma.
Johnny Bravo

Mmm. Frosted Sugar Bits. The great taste of frosted sugar in bits.
Johnny Bravo

Jungle Boy: He didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Did you, Mister Johnny?
Johnny Bravo: Of course not, kid. I wouldn’t hurt a fly.
Fly: It’s a lie. It’s a lie!

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